Tekfur Palace

Tekfur Palace

Tekfur Palace

Tekfur Palace is one of the oldest Byzantine buildings in Istanbul with an approximate history of a thousand years. This structure, which is also called the’ Imperial House', was used from the 1100s when it was built until 1204. After that time it was ruined upon the conquest of the city and the establishment of the Latin Empire. It remained dormant until the city rejoined the Byzantine Empire in 1261 and was finally conquered by the Ottoman Empire. After the conquest in 1453, it was repaired and started to be used for different purposes.

Tekfur Palace, which is known to have been used as a zoo for a period, has become a glass and tile workshop after the 17th century. It is possible to characterize this period as perhaps the Golden Age of structure. Because the tiles produced in Tekfur Palace began to be used for decoration in many Ottoman structures, especially in mosques in Istanbul. We can say that Tekfur Palace tiles almost took the place of famous Iznik tiles.

This structure which reflects Byzantine architecture has survived to the present day, maintaining this feature significantly. Although it remained ruined again in the early 1900s, this structure with a long history was restored as a result of restoration works. It currently serves as a museum. As part of the museum, tile and glass works are displayed in a modern interior, referring to their golden ages of the Ottoman Empire.

Tekfur PalaceTekfur PalaceTekfur PalaceTekfur Palace


  • Fatmagül Sever
    20.07.2022 07:38

    Güzel tarihi bir saray ancak çok sık restore ediliyor. Bu yüzden sarayın içerisine girmek için her zaman vakit bulamayabilirsiniz.

  • Cüneyt Tepe
    31.12.2021 18:59

    Tarihi açıdan çok çok önemli bir yer. Müsaitliği olan herkesin gidip görmesi gerekiyor.

  • muratty
    26.08.2022 06:39

    Hem manzarası, hem aurası hem de tarihi önemi açısından kesinlikle çok önemli bir müze. Yetişkin 12, öğrenci bileti ise 6 TL ve kesinlikle ücretine değer. Çok hoş bir mimariye sahip olmakla birlikte Çamlıca'dan Pierre Lotie'ye dek uzanan manzarası görülmeye değer.

  • mustafaalii
    23.12.2022 07:32

    Burayı anlatmak için kelimeler yetersiz kalıyor. Gidin gezin görün tarifesini uygulayın derim. 😅


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