Historic Heybeli Island Ferry Pier

Historic Heybeli Island Ferry Pier

Historic Heybeli Island Ferry Pier

During the Ottoman Empire, Heybeliada, where the majority of its population was composed of Greeks, witnessed the increase of the Turkish population along with the establishment of the Republic. By the way, the island, which the Greeks call ‘Halki’, which means copper because of the copper mines on the island, is called Heybeliada by the Turks. The reason for this is that the saddlebag means a bag with two eyes. Because this beautiful island is like a saddlebag when viewed from afar. This small island, connected to Istanbul's Adalar district, provides a connection to the outside world with a pier. This pier which connects the island to the outside world is essentially the historic Heybeli Island Ferry Pier.

The historic Heybeli Island Ferry Pier has a length of 63 meters. The part where the ferries dock has a length of 14 meters. From the front of the pier, the depth of the sea exceeds a little over four meters.

A white concrete structure with a rectangular plan is approximately opposite Büyükada. Because those who wait for the ferry on the pier meet this Büyükada silhouette. When you set foot on the pier you'll be welcomed by the cafes, restaurants, mansions, a Navy School, greenery on the hill of the island.

Transportation provided by boats in the 1900s is mainly carried out by the Ferry today. Currently, between certain hours, there are ferry services to Heybeliada from piers such as Sirkeci, Kadıköy, Kabataş, and Bostancı. In summer, the density increases significantly in both directions.

Historic Heybeli Island Ferry PierHistoric Heybeli Island Ferry PierHistoric Heybeli Island Ferry Pier


  • farukkorkmaz
    18.01.2023 08:14

    Heybeli ada çam plajı harika. Deniz sıcak. Herkese tavsiye ederim.


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