Historical Eyüp Toy Seller's Bazaar

Historical Eyüp Toy Seller's Bazaar

Historical Eyüp Toy Seller's Bazaar

Since the very old times of history, we have toys that enrich children's imagination and allow them to have fun in our lives. In a completely different understanding from today's industrial plastic elements, toys prepared with manual labor also have a separate place in the Ottoman Empire. Because the toy shops and toy workshops concentrated in today's Eyüpsultan district shortly after the conquest of Istanbul in the 15th century are an important argument that confirms this information.

In the famous Seyahatname (Travel Book) of Evliya Çelebi who is one of the famous travelers of these very ancient times, it has been told that there were 100 shops in Eyüp Oyuncakçılar (Toy Sellers) Bazaar. This record dates back to 1635 indicates the size of the bazaar, while it is understood that not only sales were carried out in the area, but the distribution of supply to other cities was also carried out. This Old Bazaar is a kind of Toy Center during the times of the Ottoman Empire.

Today, the historical Eyup Oyuncakçılar Bazaar, established by a large number of shops operating in the same place centuries ago, is an important center of attraction, especially loved by children. Its main feature is the presence of traditional wooden toys. At the same time, many modern products are sold in the bazaar, which mentions itself with ecological and healthy wooden toy varieties from spinning top to a horse cart.

Historical Eyüp Toy Seller's BazaarHistorical Eyüp Toy Seller's BazaarHistorical Eyüp Toy Seller's Bazaar


  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 08:23

    Her çocuğun gitmesi gereken tarih kokan bir yer☺

  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 13:33

    Tarihe meydan okuyan oyuncakları barındıran bir yer.


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