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Sultanahmet Fountain (Square Fountain of Ahmet III)

Sultanahmet Fountain (Square Fountain of Ahmet III)

Sultanahmet Fountain is located in the shadow of the most important cultural and historical points of the city, such as Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia), Topkapı Palace, Archaeological Museum, Sultanahmet Mosque in the Fatih district of Istanbul. It shows up just behind Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia). It is not easy to describe and explain this historical fountain in such an important region. It is considered as one of the most magnificent street fountains.…

The fountain is not active and surrounded but can be examined from a few meters nearby. In 1728. It was built by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet III. The rectangular structure is covered with a roof, which is notable for its wooden eaves with five domes. Sultanahmet Fountain, which offers eye-catching details when fountains are considered, also offers its interesting details in this part. On each side there is a fountain placed in a niche. It also has four semicircular dispensers. Above the dispensers are also quite striking, with the decoration and lines. The aesthetic sensitivity seen throughout the structure can also be seen here. Reliefs and floral motifs and the colorful formation of arch stones can be listed among other highlights.

It is interpreted as the pinnacle of rococo architecture in the Ottoman Empire. The point of origin of this architecture is France and points to a decorated, flamboyant style. It is known that it was widely applied in the Ottoman Empire, especially in architectural structures in the 18th century. The Ottoman encomium, written in gilded letters on the fountains, ends with the following words: "Open the tap, drink the water and pray for Khan Ahmad.

Sultanahmet Fountain (Square  Fountain of Ahmet III)Sultanahmet Fountain (Square  Fountain of Ahmet III)Sultanahmet Fountain (Square  Fountain of Ahmet III)Sultanahmet Fountain (Square  Fountain of Ahmet III)



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