Sultan Reşat Mausoleum

Sultan Reşat Mausoleum

Sultan Reşat Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Sultan Reşat, one of the last Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, is located in Eyüp, a district of Istanbul known for its spiritual structures. Located on a busy street today, the mausoleum attracts attention with its elegant architecture.

The octagonal-designed mausoleum has pools in the garden surrounded by iron bars. It is next to Eyüp high school. Sultan Reşat wanted his tomb to be in a place where there were children and water sounds, so his will had been realized.

In the mausoleum that was made of marble and stone, and covered with lead, the windows in the bottom and the top on each facade stand out. The entrance gate of the mausoleum is at a higher level, so it is climbed by stairs. There are columns at the door entrance. Inside the mausoleum, which has a very beautiful gate, there are Kütahya tiles.

It is shown among the most naive mausoleums built during the last period of the Ottoman Empire with its artistic and architectural details.

In the mausoleum of Sultan Reşad, who was also referred to as Mehmet V, two more cists are seen next to his cist. One of these cists belongs to Kam-res Başkadınefendi and her son Necmeddin Efendi.

Mehmet Reşat was buried in the mausoleum built in his name after his death in 1918. In the burial area outside the mausoleum, the graves of the descendants of the 35th Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Reşad, including his son and daughter, can be visited

Sultan Reşat Mausoleum Sultan Reşat Mausoleum Sultan Reşat Mausoleum


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