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Süleyman Subaşı Mosque

Süleyman Subaşı Mosque

Süleyman Subaşı Mosque, an Ottoman heirloom on the banks of the Golden Horn of Istanbul, is one of the works that has not survived to the present day in its original form. But it has recently been renovated with historical consciousness.

In 1571 it was made built by Suleyman Subaşı, one of the leading commanders of the reign of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, to Architect Sinan. It is recorded in the following period that it underwent various repairs, was destroyed in a major fire and was rebuilt.

It is clear from the records that the mosque was in a dilapidated state in the 1900s and required repair.

Demolished as part of road construction works between 1955 and 1956, the structure was rebuilt extremely close to its original with the project started in 2011 and opened for worship more than 50 years later.

It is a modest-sized mosque located on the coastline, in a courtyard surrounded with walls. Its tiled roof and simple interior are among the highlights. Süleyman Subaşı Mosque, which adds value to the skyline of the Golden Horn together with the famous Zeyrek Mosque on the hill and the Yavuz Er Sinan Mosque right next to it, is open to both worship and visit today.

Süleyman Subaşı MosqueSüleyman Subaşı Mosque


  • gunessygz
    29.09.2022 07:15

    Süleyman Subaşı Camii, 1571 yılında Mimar Sinan tarafından Haliç kıyı bandında inşa edilmiş olup, banisi Kanuni Sultan Süleyman döneminde yaşayan Süleyman Subaşı’dır. Kanuni Sultan Süleyman’ın ölümünden sonra Cami’nin yangın geçirip tekrar inşa edildiği bilinmektedir.

  • IqZqraOT
    13.03.2022 18:15

    resimler bu camiiye ait değil.


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