Şişli Mosque

Şişli Mosque

Şişli Mosque

Şişli mosque is one of the important structures of the recent period, located at the intersection of many roads between Abide-i Hürriyet and Halaskargazi streets in Şişli district of Istanbul. The mosque, construction of which began in the summer of 1945, was completed four years later. Although it is a structure of 20th-century, it winks at the strong Turkish architectural tradition, which stands out with reference to the period of the rise of the Ottoman Empire with both its style and structural features. It is also important in that it is the first mosque built in Istanbul after the proclamation of the Republic in 1923.

The Architect of the mosque where you can enter by stairs after passing through a wide courtyard surrounded by walls is Vasfı Egeli. Inside there is a Kaaba cover. It is covered by three half domes around one main dome. The part between the mosque and the courtyard, that is, the narthex, is covered with a roof supported by columns, in other words, with a portico. The large interior of the mosque, where there is a small sprinkler under the large chandelier descending from the dome, is simple. With elegant calligraphy, various verses, surahs and numerous inscriptions are noted. The elegant islamic calligraphy drawn on the main gate must be seen. It is heated from the bottom and has a single minaret.

In addition to the ablution fountain in the courtyard, there is a library, imam and muezzin rooms, a women's and men's bathing cubicle (rooms where funerals are washed), a funeral room (where the corpse is retained), and toilets adjacent to the mosque. 

Şişli MosqueŞişli MosqueŞişli MosqueŞişli Mosque


  • cemmelih
    28.09.2022 09:23

    Şişli nin Göbeginde tarih kokan ve o şekilde temiz şekilde korunan bahcesi ve yanında ki boş alanda güvercinlerle dolu insana huzur veren cami … Böyle güzel camilerimize sahip çikalım.


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