Şile Ağlayan Kaya (Weeping Rock)

Şile Ağlayan Kaya (Weeping Rock)

Şile Ağlayan Kaya (Weeping Rock)

Ağlayan Kaya which is located in Şile, İstanbul fascinates its visitors with its story, which is one of the most epic ones. The most familiar story about the Ağlayan Kaya, located about 600 meters behind the Şile Lighthouse, which has become a symbol of this place, is that it got this name because of the way the water flows. Although the way the water flows, which resembles the tears of a crying person, has led to its fame. There is Ağlayan Kaya Beach nearby and therefore it is one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of visitors.

Many of those who come to Ağlayan Kaya Beach, one of the first places visited by those who want to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun trio in a near and budget-friendly place in Istanbul, also visit Ağlayan Kaya and take photos. On this beach, consisting of a narrow bay, the fact that the waves reach up to a meter from time to time proves that you should know how to swim well. If you want to spend more time at Ağlayan Kaya Beach which has a Blue Flag, you can choose one of the nearby accommodation facilities.

One of the most famous legends about the Ağlayan Kaya is about Eftelia, the daughter of Dimitri, one of the local rich, and Mehmet the orphan. It tells about the impossibility of a reunion of these two young people burning with the desire for love, and the lovers Mehmet and Eftelya never gave up ... Tears flowed in the eyes of the young lovers who sat on a rock when they came together after a long time and they left themselves to wild waves of the sea by saying that ‘if we cannot be happy in the world, there must be a paradise waiting for us'. 

Şile Ağlayan Kaya (Weeping Rock)Şile Ağlayan Kaya (Weeping Rock)Şile Ağlayan Kaya (Weeping Rock)Şile Ağlayan Kaya (Weeping Rock)


  • melekbakan
    04.07.2022 07:18

    Şile manzarasının en sevdiğim yerlerinden biri kamp yapmak için yerlerde mevcut biraz kalabalık olabiliyor :)

  • 242424
    05.08.2022 09:30

    İstanbul'da denize girilebilecek mavi bayraklı nadir yerlerden biri. 1 km olan plajında hizmeti çok iyi olmayan Aqua beach bulunmakta. Denizi temiz ve genelde hafif dalgalıdır. Burada fazla

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.02.2023 08:23

    Bir sonbahar günü adım adım dolaştık plajı, insan olmayınca doğa o kadar güzel ki, kelimelere dökmek zor. Bu sahilleri bir de insanlar yokken gezmeyi deneyin...


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