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Sheikhulislam Ahmet Esad Efendi Shrine

Sheikhulislam Ahmet Esad Efendi Shrine

There are many shrines in Istanbul, especially on the European side. One of the prominent shrines in this context is the Şeyhülislam Ahmet Esad Efendi shrine in the Eyüpsultan district. The mosque is located on Kebir Street in the area where the Sokullu Mehmed Paşa shrine and Siyavuş Paşa shrine are located. . It was made built by Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II to the Italian architect Gaspare Trajano Fossati, who also took part in the restoration of Hagia Sophia.

The square-planned shrine designed in the neo-classical style which originated in France and is also known as Imperial has three wooden cists. Sheikhulislam Ahmet Esad Efendi and his son-in-law Süleyman Celaleddin Efendi and his wife's cists can be seen. No inscription is found in the shrine.

Ahmet Esad Efendi, who was born in 1813, served as a Muslim Judge in Eyüp and Üsküdar after his educational life and was appointed as a Sheikhulislam in 1878. In the Ottoman Empire, Sheikhulislam was the highest authority in the religious field. It is said that Şeyhülislam Ahmet Esad Efendi, who died in 1889, was intelligent, honest, and determined.

Among other information about him, he built a modest mosque next to his mansion on the Anatolian side. The elegant fountain, which can be seen on the wall of the cemetery just ahead, was also in front of the mausoleum before the 1950s. It was moved and transferred to its current location.

Sheikhulislam Ahmet Esad Efendi ShrineSheikhulislam Ahmet Esad Efendi ShrineSheikhulislam Ahmet Esad Efendi ShrineSheikhulislam Ahmet Esad Efendi Shrine



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