Şeyh Mustafa Devati Shrine

Şeyh Mustafa Devati Shrine

Şeyh Mustafa Devati Shrine

In Istanbul, where there are countless spiritual valuable visiting points, the districts where shrines weigh are usually on the European side. But the Anatolian side is also home to the shrines of important people. One of them, the Şeyh Mustafa Devati Shrine is located in the Üsküdar district of the city.

The construction of the shrine, which faces a wide paved walkway on a busy street, dates back to the 17th century. Octagonal planned structure with different lengths on each side attracts attention with its interesting architecture. A total of four inscriptions are located on the upper parts of the windows, which feature a door on the Western Front and a shape reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids on either side. It is a tile-roofed structure that has been restored in recent years. In the simple interior, where there are no ornaments, you can see cists positioned side by side.

Şeyh Mustafa Devati, who made Divit, that is, the manufacture of old pens used in writing by dipping in ink inside the juggler, therefore he was also called Divitçi. He was diligent from his youth. He finished his Sufi education and became a sheikh alongside Fidancı Mehmed Efendi. He continued his activities in his Lodge for many years, and he also has a work called Tuhfetü's-sufiyyin, in which there are sections from his life. The Shrine of Şeyh Mustafa Devati, one of the important shrines in Istanbul, which has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for nearly 450 years, is waiting for your visit with easy access. 

Şeyh Mustafa Devati ShrineŞeyh Mustafa Devati ShrineŞeyh Mustafa Devati ShrineŞeyh Mustafa Devati Shrine


  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 13:23

    Üsküdar meydana çok yakın bir konumda ana cadde üzerinde çok bilinmeyen bir türbe camii,türbe


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