Shah Sultan Complex

Shah Sultan Complex

Shah Sultan Complex

Complexes refer to large building groups. The high number of such structures in Istanbul offers visitors the privilege of discovering many places at the same time in a short time. Shah Sultan Complex, one of the important social complexes of Istanbul, is located in Eyüp district. It is located exactly next to the Zal Mahmud Pasha Mosque. Shah Sultan Complex; Apart from the primary school and the tomb, it consists of a fountain and a burial ground. It takes exactly 1800 years for the complex to be completed. In the previous period, Iskender Bey School was located in this area. Since the school was in a bad condition, it was demolished for the kulliye. Along with it, a mansion located right next to it is destroyed in this process.

The courtyard that welcomes the visitors in the Shah Sultan Complex is round arched. There is an inscription of 12 couplets just above the door. Mustafa İzzet Efendi has an important contribution in this article. There is also information about the period when the kulliye was built. The door opens to the courtyard with an elegant arch. It is written in the hadith in the arch, "Heaven is under the feet of mothers." The entrance to the tomb is from the northern part. At the door of the tomb, a marble structure with two different colors stands out. Apart from Shah Sultan, here are the coffins of his mother Mihrişah Kadın and his wife Seyyid Mustafa Pasha. The complex is generally rich in ornaments and decorations.

The public fountain, another important part of the complex, is next to the primary school. The primary school consists of two parts. The lower part of this school is reserved for the officials of that period. The roof made of wood is covered with lead. There is a birdhouse in the part across the street. On the other hand, it corresponds to the courtyard and the sentence door. The name of the architect of the Shah Sultan Complex is İbrahim Kamil Ağa.

Shah Sultan ComplexShah Sultan ComplexShah Sultan Complex


  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:22

    Burası aslında bir çeşme değil bir sebil. Bu yüzden ismi Şah Sultan Sebili olmalı. Çok estetik bir yapı. Üzerindeki kuş evi de oldukça zarif.

  • gunessygz
    29.09.2022 10:42

    Giriş kapısının diğer tarafında sebil ve üstünde kuş evi var. Türbenin karşısındaki park içinde bir Çeşme var.


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