Sadabad (Aziziye) Mosque

Sadabad (Aziziye) Mosque

Sadabad (Aziziye) Mosque

Sadabad mosque in the Kağıhane District of Istanbul has an architecturally distinct place among the structures built during the Ottoman Empire. It attracts attention with its elegance. It was built in 1722 along with Sadabad Palace, which is the symbol of the Tulip Era. It is mentioned in the records that it was devastated during the Patrona Halil rebellion of 1730. Unfortunately, we do not know what kind of architecture the first mosque had. But one of the things we know is that the mosque was destroyed during the Patrona Halil rebellion.

After the mosque was destroyed in the rebellion, the 28th Ottoman Sultan Selim III made this mosque restored and re-opened for worship. About 15 years later, Sultan Mahmud II made a scratch building instead of it. After its last Construction, the Sadabad Mosque, which was destroyed over time, was eventually rebuilt by Sultan Abdülaziz who was the son of Sultan Mahmud II and Pertevniyal Sultan.

Today, Sadabad (Aziziye) Mosque, which welcomes its visitors with its rich spiritual ambiance and is in quite a good condition, takes its final form with the touches of Sarkis Balyan and Agop Balyan brothers, one of the most famous architects of the period. Unfortunately, Sadabad mosque, influenced by Western architecture in its construction, was plundered during World War II and suffered great damage. Thanks to his later restorations, it is still open to worship and in good condition.

Sadabad (Aziziye) MosqueSadabad (Aziziye) MosqueSadabad (Aziziye) MosqueSadabad (Aziziye) Mosque


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    Herkes tarafından daha keşfedilmemiş diye düşünüyorum gayet sakin bir camii..

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    Yeşil alan içerisinde dere kenarında ter temiz…


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