Şaban Kaptan Mosque

Şaban Kaptan Mosque

Şaban Kaptan Mosque

One of the numerous artifacts inherited from the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul is the Şaban Kaptan mosque which is located between the districts of Şişhane and Kasımpasa, within the borders of Beyoğlu. It is one of the districts of the city known for its large number of historical mosques.

The mosque is located on a narrow street dates back to the 1500s that may inspire the travellers keen to explore. It was built by the Ottoman Navy Capitan Paşa, that is Chief Admiral, Şaban Kaptan.

Because it was built with durable building elements, it stood against natural disasters encountered in many parts of Istanbul for centuries and remained open to worship until 1942. However, it is recorded that it was destroyed on this date. 30 years later, the mosque was rebuilt in its original form and opened for worship. The Tomb of Şaban Kaptan was taken from its place during the demolition. He can be visited in the nearby Lohusa Kadın Mausoleum today.

Şaban Kaptan Mosque that was rebuilt in the 1970s, is constructed of bricks, concrete and stones. It is a small structure, built of stone on 130 square meters of land. The minaret with one balcony, the wooden rostrum, and the pulpit, where the imam recites the Friday sermon, attract attention.

Elegant Kütahya tiles were used at the altar, which is an ornate section showing the Qibla where the Imam makes people pray in front of the congregation. In its courtyard, there is a building with a toilet, a fountain, and a floor belonging to the employee's lodge above.

Şaban Kaptan MosqueŞaban Kaptan MosqueŞaban Kaptan MosqueŞaban Kaptan Mosque


  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 12:55

    Güzel eski ve küçük tari bir camii

  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 08:25

    Çok küçük sessiz arada tarihi bir camii binaların arasına sıkışmış vaziyette caddeden görmeden geçip gidebilirsiniz fatketmeden…

  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 13:54

    Cami, Kaptanı-ı Derya Şaban Kaptan tarafından 1643 yılında yaptırılmış.


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