Rumeli Han

Rumeli Han

Rumeli Han

The historical Rumeli Han, located on Büyükparmakkapı Street in Beyoğlu, one of the most central places in Istanbul, was built by Sarıca Arif Pasha in 1906 for the Ragıp Pasha family. The inn, which has witnessed many main figures throughout history, hosted many families from the oldest families of Pera to important Ottoman pashas.

There is Nizam Pide and Hayal Kahvesi at the entrance of Afrika Han, where one of its doors opens to Küçükparmakkapı and the other to Büyükparmakkapı. It is possible to go to the terrace of Afrika Han, one of the most rooted structures of Beyoğlu, where you will be teleported to a different time at every step and witness a magnificent view of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. The inn, which consists of three separate blocks in total, spreads over an area of ​​1,93 square meters.

It can be said that Afrika Han, whose closed area is 8 thousand 200 square meters, has around 95 apartments spread over nine floors, if the basement and ground floors are included. Located in the Pera region, which means "opposite collar" in Greek as a word, Afrika Han also functions as a passage between Küçükparmakkapı and Büyükparmakkapı.

The Anatolian, Rumelia and African inns in Beyoğlu actually took these names representing the three continents from which the Ottoman Empire spread. The 95 apartments of Afrika Han, built by Ragıp Pasha in the early 20th century, are the best examples of studio apartments today. Famous for bringing Caffe Nero to Turkey in 2006, Işık Keçeci and his wife Mustafa Aşur bought it, but the inn has not yet been restored due to the court process, its doors are still chained.

After the restoration works, Afrika Han, which is planned to be a shopping center or a hotel, has become one of the most important building blocks of Beyoğlu and all of Istanbul, although it cannot be visited today.

Rumeli HanRumeli HanRumeli Han


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    11.11.2022 07:43

    Taksim'e gelip de bundan sonra Rumeli Han'ı gezmeden dönmem herhalde. Hala restorasyonu devam ediyor.


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