Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum

Those interested in the field of culture and art get to know Rezan Has Museum with the opening exhibition of the International Eastern Carpet Conference. The opening theme of the museum is determined as “Timeless Simplicity”. The museum has been carrying out very active studies since 2008 when it was opened. It leaves the impression of a highly productive museum in terms of both original exhibitions and artistic activities. Rezan Has Museum, which serves with a modern museum understanding, exhibits archaeological artifacts from 9 thousand years ago here. In addition, it includes various materials belonging to the Cibali Tobacco Factory in its collection. The building, in which traditional and modern museum understanding is kept together, attracts great attention from the visitors with the building remains carried from the Ottoman Empire to the present day and the Byzantine water cistern. These cisterns responded to the city's water needs to a great extent during the Byzantine period. The cistern, which has a rectangular plan, was built to collect water. This impressive cistern from the Byzantine period consists of 48 arches and 15 columns.

As it is known, when this cistern loses its basic function, it is considered as the warehouse of the tobacco factory. Immediately after, II. It is considered as a food warehouse in the cold and difficult conditions of World War II. The remains of Ottoman buildings in the exhibition area, which attract as much attention as the cistern, belong to the 17th century. These structures consist of two separate blocks. The end-use purpose for that period is not known exactly.

Kadir Has University made very important contributions during and after the opening period of the museum. It is known that the museum, located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, has around two thousand seven hundred works in total. Nearly half of these works belong to the Urartian period. For this reason, the museum is often referred to as the "Urartian Jewelry Collection". It takes its place among the museums focusing specifically on the Urartians in Turkey. It is possible to visit the museum every day of the week until 18:00.

Rezan Has MuseumRezan Has MuseumRezan Has MuseumRezan Has Museum


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    Müze Kart Geçerli.

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    İki katlı, üst katında tütün ve tütün ürünleri, bu ürünlerin işlenmesi için kullanılan aletlerden oluşan bir müze, alt katında ise m.ö ve m.s dönemlere ait, gündelik yaşamda kullanılan araç gereçlerden oluşan, kesinlikle gezilip görülmesi gereken bir müze.


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