Piyale Pasha Mosque

Piyale Pasha Mosque

Piyale Pasha Mosque

Piyale Pasha Mosque, is on the east of the Golden Horn on the Alt Baruthane Street which can be seen after climbing up for a few minutes.

Piyale Pasha was the capitan pasha, or with its current equivalent the navy command, he was also married to one of the daughters of the Ottoman Sultan Selim II., Geverhan Sultan, and was an important soldier. He built the Piyale Pasha Mosque in 1573. Piyale Pasha, a brave navy man, is known for his expeditions to the Italian shores. He has also conquered the Chios Island off the coast of Izmir.

Piyale Pasha Mosque is originally a classical period work. When examined in terms of Ottoman architecture, it has a rare value. It is the only classical mosque to return to the multi-domed mosque plan in the early Ottoman period and the Seljuks. It stands out with its six flat domes supported by granite columns.

It attracts attention with its galleries stretching along its edges, its small balcony opposing the mihrab that catches the eye with Iznik tiles, its interesting minaret in the middle and not a corner, and many windows. It is bright and spacious. It can be seen that many verses are written in the interior. The tomb of Piyale Pasha at the back of the mosque can also be visited.

Piyale Pasha Mosque Piyale Pasha Mosque Piyale Pasha Mosque Piyale Pasha Mosque


  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 08:24

    Çift girişli altı kubbeli, son cemaat yerinde bol sütunlu mimar Sinan camilerinden. haziresi kapalı ancak bahçesi çok güzel.

  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 13:35

    Çok güzel, büyük,tek kubbeli bir camii.

  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 12:53

    Mimar Sinan' ın eseri tarihi camimiz gerek mimari yapısıyla gerek bahçesiyle tablo gibi bir görüntüye sahip.


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