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Pertev Mehmed Pasha Shrine

Pertev Mehmed Pasha Shrine

Pertev Mehmed Pasha Shrine is on a street very close to the Eyüp Mosque, one of the most important Ottoman works in Istanbul. He was the vizier of two subsequent Ottoman Sultans, Suleiman the Magnificent and Selim II. He had the chief architect of the period, Mimar Sinan, build the tomb as the place he wanted to be buried after his death. He was buried in his tomb following his death on October 9, 1572. The shrine also has the sarcophagi or symbolic coffins of Pertev Mehmed Pasha's family, most of which are made of marble. The dates of death refer to the years 1570-1600.

The intensive use of marble in the tomb, whose exterior is made of durable mold stone, draws attention. There is an inscription consisting of four lines on the door. The date of death of the pasha is found in the inscription. It is an open structure with a total of 13 windows on both sides. It is noted that the dome on it collapsed in the 1920s.

Women's inscriptions are of artistic significance. Generally, sarcophagi belonging to men are more decorated than those of women. In addition to the relatively plain-looking mausoleum of the important statesman of the period, there is a mosque and Islamic-Ottoman social complex that bears his name.

Pertev Mehmed Pasha ShrinePertev Mehmed Pasha ShrinePertev Mehmed Pasha Shrine



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