Pera Palace

Pera Palace

Pera Palace

How could a traveler who sets out to tell about Istanbul would pass through the city without seeing the Pera Palace? Pera Palace, one of the symbols of Beyoğlu, one of the historical districts, is a cultural value accepted as a "museum hotel". This historical heritage is one of the very special buildings that complement the atmosphere of the city.

Pera Palace, whose construction was completed in 1805, was built based on the lack of a hotel that could provide high-profile service at European standards, was the first building to be supplied with electricity, except for palaces. The first electric elevator was built in Pera Palace. It was also the first building in Istanbul with hot water running from its taps. It became an attractive center with the effects of the Golden Horn view and its central location. However, the years of war were coming and it took a break from its glory during World War I, but an element that still exists today would come to light.

Founder and First President of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk began to frequently stay at the Pera Palace starting from 1917 and onward. In this respect, today Pera Palace; as a museum-hotel where Atatürk's personal belongings are exhibited, with its striking room numbered 101, can be visited every day within certain hours.

Pera Palace, which returned to its old days after the war, is a sophisticated building with a neoclassicist approach, bearing the signature of the architect Alexander Vallaury. It consists of two basements, an entrance and six floors above it, rising on a floor area measuring approximately 50 meters x 30 meters. The large hall on the ground floor attracts attention. In Pera Palace, which has more than 100 rooms, the room where the famous author Agatha Christie stayed and the first electric elevator are also among the interesting sections.

Pera Palace, which serves as a hotel and museum today, is also famous for its patisserie, bar and restaurant. You should definitely see the Agatha Restaurant, Orient Bar and Patisserie de Pera.

Pera PalacePera PalacePera PalacePera Palace


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