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Osman Reis Mosque

Osman Reis Mosque

Osman Reis Mosque also known as “Yalılar Mosque” was built in 1635 in İstinye district on the Bosphorus coast on the European side of Istanbul. The land of the mosque donated by Osman Reis, who was a successful sailor at that time, was located in an Armenian neighborhood when it was built. Osman Reis bought the land and completed the construction of the mosque.

Ahmet Afif Paşa Mansion, the venue where the first Aşk-ı Memnu TV series was shot, was built on the coastal area in 1903. Alexandre Valleury, the architect of this mansion, decides to rebuild Osman Reis Mosque. Thus, Osman Reis Mosque gains a new look.

The courtyard and additional buildings were damaged in the 1960s during the construction of the road between İstinye and Yeniköy, only the mosque has survived up to present day. Osman Reis Mosque was damaged during the Marmara earthquake in 1999, in which thousands of people lost their lives, has been repaired and reached today.

The exterior of Osman Reis Mosque having a square plan draws attention with its yellow color. Corners and windows have a white color. In this way, the exterior of the mosque has gained a dynamic and eye-pleasing structure.

The interior is plain. The pulpit where a sermon is recited, and the pulpit desk that the imam preaches is made of white painted wood. The minaret of the mosque is famous for its only minaret balcony, which is a railed structure that surrounds its body. 

Osman Reis Mosque Osman Reis Mosque Osman Reis Mosque



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