Narmanlı Inn

Narmanlı Inn

Narmanlı Inn

Narmanlı Inn being one of the oldest buildings of Beyoğlu district of Istanbul continues along Sofyalı Street when you turn the street directly opposite Swedish Consulate at the point where İstiklal Street curves into the Tunnel.

The structure was built in 1831 by Italian architect Giuseppe Fossati as Russian Embassy Building and functioned as a court and prison after the embassy moved in 1845. The building hosted Russian companies in the early years of the Republic. The building taken over by the Narmanlı family in 1933 becomes a home for many artists and literary figures rather than being rented out to businesses with high rental prices. The building hosted many artists such as Bedri Rahmi, Aliye Berger, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar and then it was started to be known as Narmanlı Dormitory. The building has become the meeting point of many important names from the culture and art environment within a short time.

The face of the building, which has become an intellectual living space with its usage areas such as bookstore, printing house and workshop for many years, starts to get old day by day. Repair work was started with the restoration decision taken in 2015 for idle building due to the dispute between the owners since the beginning of the 1990s. The project, which became the focus of many discussions with the decision, started in 2016 and the historical inn takes its current form at the end of two and a half years.

After the restoration work, there is a mini ornamental pool in the large courtyard surrounded by the floors of the building consisting of seven shops and two restaurants. In this inner courtyard, the statues of the values ​​that lived here and left their marks attract the attention. The building has two gates opening to two separate facades, one of which is İstiklal Avenue.

Narmanlı InnNarmanlı InnNarmanlı InnNarmanlı Inn


  • gunmemoli
    26.09.2022 14:31

    Restorasyondan sonra hayli bir güzel oldu. 👍🏼


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