Nakkaş Hasan Pasa Fountain

Nakkaş Hasan Pasa Fountain

Nakkaş Hasan Pasa Fountain

Nakkaş Hasan Pasa Fountain located on Zal Pasa Street in Eyüpsultan district of Istanbul is neighbor to the tomb of Nakkaş Hasan Pasa who is one of the important soldiers and bureaucrats of his time. It was built between two windows on the facade of the tomb. It draws attention with its beautiful and naive appearance. The fountain made of marble resembling a mihrab gives the impression of being an integral part of the tomb. It is extremely elegant. Moreover, its water still flows today.

It is thought to have been built in the early 1600s. The date of construction is not clear. The fountain has a mirror stone. Its water-tank (Turkish:şadırvan) dome attracts attention. In the mirror stone, there is the information of who built and the call of ‘al-fatiha for the soul’ of the deceased. Nakkaş Hasan Pasa Tomb next to the Zal Mahmud Pasha Complex (Turkish: Külliye) must have been built before 1622.

Nakkaş Hasan Pasa, who was a master in the field of miniature, took place in important positions such as turban officer (Turkish: tülbent gamı) responsible for the protection of the sultan's turbans and underwear, chief janitor (Turkish: kapıcıbaşı) as well as the governor of Rumeli, Vizier and Governor of Grand Vizier, namely serving as a substitute for grand vizier. 

Nakkaş Hasan Pasa FountainNakkaş Hasan Pasa Fountain


  • Kader Doğan
    19.08.2021 13:25

    katıldığım bir turda diğer isminin kuzu çeşmesini olduğunu ,kücük ve etrafında çıkık olmasının sebebide çevredeki kuşların kedilerin su acıldıktan sonra kenarlara akan sudan içebilmesi için olduğu söylenmişti 😊


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