Egyptian Apartment House

Egyptian Apartment House

Egyptian Apartment House

The Egyptian apartment building is one of the historic buildings on Istiklal Street, one of the symbols of the Beyoğlu district on the European side of Istanbul. This street is open only to pedestrian traffic. The apartment house built in 1910, is recorded as showing in all its glory just ahead of when you walk from Taksim Square to Galatasaray High School.

It was built as a mansion instead of a theater built on the street, which became an important center where construction increased in the 1800s. The Egyptian apartment building, also known for being one of the first concrete buildings in the city, takes its name from the Ottoman statesman Abbas Halim Paşa of Egypt, who was the landlord of the mansion. A significant part of its materials was brought from France, and the structure was built in a very visual architectural style with the special requests of Abbas Halim Paşa of Egypt, who was interested in art. The Egyptian apartment building, consisting of a total of six floors, attracts attention with its large windows on the first floor, stylish balconies, and sculptures on the facade. Although it was built as a luxury personal residence, after the death of Abbas Halim Paşa of Egypt, the building was given a segmented apartment form by his heirs.

New floors were added to the Egyptian apartment, after it was sold to a businessman in 1940, and took the final appearance. The Egyptian apartment building, which has stairs and an elevator, has nine floors today. After 60 years, the building, a significant part of which was purchased by a construction company, is now home to many offices, restaurants, and event areas on the cultural-art axis after its general repair and restoration.

Egyptian Apartment HouseEgyptian Apartment HouseEgyptian Apartment House


  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 08:19

    Mısır Apartmanı, İstanbul'un Beyoğlu ilçesinde bulunan tarihî bir apartmandır. Galatasaray semtinde, İstiklal Caddesi ile Acara Sokağı'nın kesiştiği noktada yer alır


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