Million Stone

Million Stone

Million Stone

The Million Stone, located next to the Yerebatan Cistern in the Sultanahmet borough of Fatih district, is the remaining part of the Million column, which makes it possible to measure the distance to all other cities and points. In other words, contrary to what is believed, it is a remnant of a relatively magnificent structure of a monumental nature. The Million Stone was considered the starting point of the long Roman Road made of paving stones. Roman roads were important both in terms of trade and military, facilitating inter-city transportation in ancient times.

The Million Stone which is located at the entrance to Yerebatan Street opposite Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia), is an unknown relic for most travelers although they have passed many times nearby within 10, 15 meters.

Meanwhile, its central location of the Chalke Gate that was the entrance of the Byzantine palace, and the striking street surrounded by columns and statues called Mese, were other indicators of the importance given to the Million Stone. Along with many elements around it, the Million Stone was largely destroyed, unable to withstand the fatigue caused by centuries.

It is believed that the founder of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 4th century Constantine I have made it built. Its first form was a structure (an architectural style called a Tetrapylon) consisting of doors, columns, and a dome. It had statues on it. It is believed to have been destroyed in the 1500s.

It is a historical relic that is easily accessible and visible with its central location in Istanbul. Today, it is shaped like a rock rising perpendicular to the ruins of water gauge of Ottoman age. A dashboard with explanatory information is present in front of it. 

Million StoneMillion StoneMillion Stone


  • ahmetyaylacii
    25.08.2022 06:28

    İstanbul milyon taşı antik dönemden kalma olup tarihi öne sahiptir aynı zamanda çokta güzel görünür.

  • ssedatylmz
    12.01.2023 12:55

    Yerebatan Sarnıcının çıkışı ve Beşir Ağa Çeşmesinin hemen yanında, pek dikkat çekmeyen bu taş, önemi bakımından kentin merkezi sayılmaktadır.

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.02.2023 07:49

    Aya Sofya camii karşısında Sultanahmet Meydanı'nın kuzeybatı köşesinde Yerebatan Sarnıcı'nın girişinin yakınında, tramvay yolunun yanında bulunur.

  • eTZfgutZ
    24.08.2022 10:21

    None of these pictures are about this important milestone (pun intended). I have actual pics before the latest restoration. I'll be posting them soon.


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