Mihrisan Valide Sultan Mosque

Mihrisan Valide Sultan Mosque

Mihrisan Valide Sultan Mosque

Mihrişah Valide Sultan Mosque, located on Küçüksu Street in Göksu district of Beykoz district of Istanbul, is one of the rarest works of Ottoman architecture from the 18th century.

The mosque was built in 1750 by the 22nd Ottoman Sultan II. It was built by Mustafa's wife, Mihrişah Sultan, by Chief Architect Mehmet Arif Ağa and again by Chief Architect Ahmet Nurullah Ağa. The building gains so much importance when it was built that it even contributes to an increase in the settlement on the Beykoz ridges. The mosque, which has been neglected over the years, was built by the 30th Ottoman Sultan II. It was restored by Mahmut in 1835. In 1842, a police station for mounted policemen was built at the back of the complex. Time passed and the throne II. When Abdulhamid passed, a school built of stone was built instead of the police station here.

Throughout history, Ottoman sultans showed great interest in Göksu and Küçüksu regions, where Mihrişah Valide Sultan Mosque is located. The location of the mosque is therefore very important.

The rectangular planned mosque, measuring 11.48 by 18.65 meters, has a two-storey and masonry architecture. Its walls are alternately made of bricks in two rows and one row of cut stones. The floor and ceiling are covered with wood. On the other hand, the place of worship of the mosque is +0.97 meters and +5.23 meters; It is illuminated by rows of windows with round arches and cut stone jambs that start on two separate levels.

Mihrişah Valide Sultan Mosque, which has a single minaret, a flat roof instead of a dome, the last congregation place and the modesty inside, is among the most important symbols of Beykoz.

Mihrisan Valide Sultan MosqueMihrisan Valide Sultan MosqueMihrisan Valide Sultan MosqueMihrisan Valide Sultan Mosque


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    Küçüksu kasrının hemen önünde bulunuyor mükemmel bir konum ve mükemmel bir yapısı var


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