Mihrişah Sultan Shrine

Mihrişah Sultan Shrine

Mihrişah Sultan Shrine

One of the parts that make up the Mihrişah Sultan complex, built in 1795, which is considered the largest complex in Istanbul in the Baroque style, is the mausoleum. You can reach there after following the street towards the north after exiting the north gate of Eyüp Sultan Mosque.

The shrine where the cist of Mihrişah Sultan, the mother of Ottoman Sultan Selim III, is located, is highly flamboyant with its ornaments at the dome, columns, and tablature marbles on its walls. Above the first floor windows there are windows in row with coloured ornaments. There are many other cists in the mausoleum.

Mihrişah Sultan was born in the Caucasus in 1745. She was known as a benevolent women. She was called ‘Georgian Beauty’ in the palace. She became Valide Sultan (Queen Mother) after her son Selim III became Sultan. In her life's last decade, she built many valuable works such as the Mihrişah Valide Sultan complex in Eyüp, as well as the Valide Bendi in Bahçeköy, Kasımpaşa Mevlevihanesi, the Levet Barracks Mosque, the Hasköy Lağımcılar Barracks Mosque, and the Mihrişah Valide Sultan Fountain in Yeniköy and she died in 1805. 

Apart from the mausoleum, there is also a charity-based imarethane (public soup-kitchen) and a water tank that is also in use today. There used to be an attendant besides the water tank dispenser here and he distributed sherbet to passers-by. The shrine of Mihrişah Sultan, who is known to belong to the Mevlevi sect, awaits your visit with all its elegance and spiritual identity.

Mihrişah Sultan ShrineMihrişah Sultan ShrineMihrişah Sultan Shrine


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    Eyüp Merkez Mah., 34050 Eyüpsultan/İstanbul

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    26.09.2022 08:57

    Çok külliyelerde camiler vardır. Bu külliyede ayrıca bir cami bulunmuyor. Hazire, imaret, sıbyan mektebi, sebil ve çeşmeler, Eyüp Sultan Camii'nin yakınında yer alıyor.


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