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Lohusa Sultan Tomb

Lohusa Sultan Tomb

Lohusa Sultan Tomb is located in the place known as Pera Cemetery in the past next to the road leading from Şişhane to Kasımpaşa and it is one of the most remarkable tombs in Istanbul with its mysterious stories and dazzling architecture.

This tomb is commonly referred to as “Lohusa Sultan” and also known as "Rahime Hatun" or "Saliha Hatun Tomb" since it heals women who have no children according to various legends without historical basis. For this reason, women who want to have children frequently visited this tomb during the Ottoman Empire. The most well-known story about the tomb is about the death of the pregnant wife of a soldier called to battle as taken from Evliya Çelebi's Book of Travels. According to rumors, a soldier whose wife is pregnant is called to battle. The soldier returning from battle learns that his pregnant wife died a few days ago. A baby voice is heard while waiting on graveside. After opening the grave, it is said that the baby found while breastfeeding her mother was a scholar. These and similar stories remain legends as no historical record of this person's identity has been found.

Although the demolition decision was made for many tombs during the construction applications in Istanbul in the 1940s, this tomb has survived up to this day by chance as it is assumed to belong to Evliya Celebi. There are three separate coffins in the tomb, one of which is said to belong to Lohusa Sultan and the owner of the others is unknown. It is a simple, square-planned, domed building made of brick and stone. A marble Ottoman inscription was placed on this tomb with a window on three sides. 

Lohusa Sultan TombLohusa Sultan TombLohusa Sultan Tomb


  • xbegummx
    30.09.2022 06:28

    Türlü rivayetlere konu olmuş Lohusa Sultan Türbesi, hem mimari yapısıyla ilgi çekerken hem de çocuğu olmayan kadınların ilgisini topluyor.


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