Laleli Mosque

Laleli Mosque

Laleli Mosque

Ottoman Sultan Mustafa III ordered Architect Mehmet Tahir Aga to build Laleli Mosque located in Beyazıt quarter of Fatih district of Istanbul. Laleli Mosque is considered to be the most important work of Mehmet Tahir Ağa, who is shown among the original Turkish baroque architects.

It is an extremely striking work. Galleries and arched sections attract attention on the sides of the mosque made of brick and stone. The plan of the mosque with a rectangular foundation is octagonal. Except for two columns, all bearing elements are embedded in the wall. It offers a very interesting interior; In addition to sophisticated marbles in colors such as yellow, red and blue, semi-precious stones such as jade were used on the walls. It is in harmony with its features such as the marble mihrab, the panels on the walls, Qur'an stand made of mother-of-pearl inlaid wood.

In fact, bath and madrasah buildings near the mosque, which constitutes one of the parts of a complex, could not survive due to destructions. The imaret (public-soup-kitchen) section of the mosque, around which there are very few charities that have survived up to today, is located outside.

Just ahead of Laleli Mosque, tombs of Sultan Mustafa III and his son 28th Ottoman Sultan Selim III tombs can be seen. There is also a nice fountain nearby. 

Laleli MosqueLaleli MosqueLaleli MosqueLaleli Mosque


  • gunmemoli
    26.10.2022 06:45

    Ordu Caddesi üzerinde bulunan Laleli Camii, aynı zamanda bir külliye olma özelliği taşımaktadır. 1760 yılında inşa edilen Barok ve klasik mimarinin özelliklerini taşıyan Camii; medrese, sebil, çeşme, imaret, han ve muvakkithaneden oluşmaktadır.


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