Kucuksu Pavilion

Kucuksu Pavilion

Kucuksu Pavilion

Küçüksu Pavilion, one of the rarest legacies that survived from the Ottoman period and has a museum-palace concept, is located in the Anadolu Hisarı district in the Üsküdar district of Istanbul.

The gardens between the two streams, which have been important since the Byzantine Empire with its position overlooking the Bosphorus, were built by the Ottoman Sultan IV. It is known that he was loved by Murad and he called it 'Silver Cypress'.

In the region, which made a name for itself slowly in the 1600s, as it is recorded in the records, the construction gradually increased in the next century. The first Ottoman palace in the region was built by Sultan Mahmud I. The rare work made of wood was used by many sultans for short periods. In the 19th century, as a result of the western influence in the country, Sultan Abdülmecit had the existing structure demolished and rebuilt, and the present pavilion emerged.

Küçüksu Pavilion, with a rectangular plan measuring 15 by 27 meters, is essentially a masonry building. The fence railings, which are white from cast iron on all four sides and look like the epitome of elegance with their craftsmanship, are eye-catching. Kasır is not made in the logic of a standard Turkish house. This place is mostly designed for resting place, hunting and boarding drill activities and was commissioned by Nigoğos Balyan from the Balyan Family. The construction of the building, also known as the "Göksu Pavilion" due to the Göksu Stream next to it, was completed in 1856.

The pavilion consists of a basement and plus two floors. The basement floor was built for the servants, and 4 rooms were built on the other floors, each opening to a large hall. The fireplaces made of Italian marbles of Küçüksu Pavilion, which stands out with its decorations, are worth seeing in themselves. It is no different from an ethnographic art museum, with furniture, elegant carpets and paintings adorning the walls, all brought from European countries. Küçüksu Pavilion, which offers interesting elements in every detail, is shown among the structures that make the Tulip Era of the Ottoman Empire and the works of that period the most beautiful.

Kucuksu PavilionKucuksu PavilionKucuksu PavilionKucuksu Pavilion


  • cannalii
    08.02.2023 17:37

    Hemen önünde ispark otopark mevcut arabanızı park edip direk giriş kapısından geçiyorsunuz

  • aleynaayenerr
    27.07.2022 09:00

    Sultan Abdülmecid tarafından yaptırılan. Boğazın kıyısındaki konumu, muhteşem iç ve dış mimarisi, huzurlu bir bahçesi bulunan tarihi yapı

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:40

    Anadolu Hisarı'na neredeyse bitişik, çok yakın, boğaz kenarında, küçük, mütevazi(!) bir Osmanlı sarayı.

  • ahmetyaylacii
    25.08.2022 06:49

    Manzarası ve binası oldukça görkemli ve büyüleyici dışarda fotoğraf çekmek serbest kasrın içerisindeki her yer ayrı güzeldi.


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