Little Hagia Sophia Mosque

Little Hagia Sophia Mosque

Little Hagia Sophia Mosque

Little Hagia Sophia Mosque is a historical value which was converted from the Sergius & Bacchus Church (constructed by the Byzantium Emperor Justinianus I) 50 years after Istanbul's conquest.

Located between Kadırga and Cankurtaran area, Little Hagia Sophia Mosque has a history of about 1500 years. You can find the mosque at the end of the street which is named after the mosque. It is a building older than the Hagia Sophia contrary to popular belief, and Mehmet the Conqueror did not want to convert it to a mosque from the church. It has reached its current form with the fountain and the minaret which were added in the following periods.

According to the records, a muezzin gathering place was added in the interior of the building to allow the community to hear the prayers better, and windows were opened to various locations despite not many. Little Hagia Sophia Mosque was damaged in the 1800s because of the railway thereabouts; thus it went under restoration twice in 1930s and 1950s.

Following the restoration carried out preserving the historical identity exceptionally, Little Hagia Sophia Mosque welcomes its visitors with a nice ambience. It is a silent and peaceful place taking them to the serenity of time with its architectural details. Also famous with its beautiful garden, the building draws attention with the close-by musical and cultural events.

Little Hagia Sophia Mosque Little Hagia Sophia Mosque Little Hagia Sophia Mosque Little Hagia Sophia Mosque


  • sona simsek
    15.11.2021 04:08

    Ayasofya cami neden çıkmıyor acaba

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 09:06

    Muazzam bir cami. İstanbul'da en sevdigim mekan zaten Küçük Ayasofya olabilir ki her yere de yakın

  • kargidanecee2
    01.12.2022 07:49

    İstanbul’un Marmara’ya bakan güney surlarının iç tarafında, Kadırga Limanı ile Cankurtaran semtleri arasında yer almakta olup cami, türbe, zâviye-medrese, sıbyan mektebi ve hamamdan meydana gelmektedir.


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