Köprülü Library

Köprülü Library

Köprülü Library

Wondering about and understanding an issue in old times? If you went to an exploration in the libraries, then this was possible. Especially in much earlier times, the libraries were pretty important to see the books piled up one by one when the books were so few and valued as gold. During the rise of the Ottoman Empire, there were libraries not only open to the religious scholars and students but also to the general public. Köprülü Library in Fatih District of Istanbul is one of these libraries with an exciting story of construction.

Ottoman Grand Vizier Köprülü Mehmet Pasha, who desired to establish a library, initiated the construction process towards the end of the 17th century, and the process was continued by his son Fazıl Ahmed Pasha after his death. However, the completion of the library was not destined to his son, either... The building was completed after his death thanks to the articles of foundation which he issued. This building shines out as a library “independent” from the other buildings of the Ottoman. The previous libraries were always included in some other buildings.

Thanks to the donations of Fazıl Ahmed Pasha, who was also fond of books just like his father, the library's collection enriched. Therefore, the library with a variety of more than 2 thousand items was offered to the society's use. Köprülü Library consisting of attractive elements concerning architectural perspective still functions today hosting thousands of books with the added ones in the following centuries.

Köprülü LibraryKöprülü LibraryKöprülü LibraryKöprülü Library


  • gunessygz
    29.09.2022 08:47

    Osmanlı kültür mirası bahçesinde saklanmış mütevazı bir mimari hazine. Cankurtaran yönüne, Sultan Ahmet'e, Bayezite ve Cağaloğlu yokuşuna kaçış noktasında bir mekan. Yıllar önce duvarına oturup etrafı seyre daldığımız yer.


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