Kızılmescit Mosque

Kızılmescit Mosque

Kızılmescit Mosque

Kızılmescit Mosque is in a historical region where you can see mostly the artifacts from the Ottoman. It is located at the intersecting point of Zal Paşa Street with Kızıl Değirmen Street within the borders of Nişanca Neighbourhood in Eyüpsultan District. It is among the values forming the city’s identity along with the historical structures with moral and cultural values such as the fountain from the 16th century and dervish’s lodge, tomb, grave, madrasa.

Available for worship in a culturally rich neighbourhood, historical Kızılmescit Mosque was built by Kiremitçi Süleyman Çelebi in 1531. Located in a small yard, the mosque is built with cut stone and row of brickwork. It derives its name from the minaret built with red bricks. The bricks on its minaret are characteristic because of their elegance and colour. 

Two separate entrances of the mosque open up to the streets. The restoration can be understood clearly in the bright interior space with lined up windows. Mostly new period tiles are used.

Minbar, the higher place where the imam reads the Friday sermons, stands out with its wooden work. In general, it is a balanced and simple interior. The adornments are not many. There is a tomb next to the mosque.

Kızılmescit MosqueKızılmescit MosqueKızılmescit Mosque


  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 08:18

    Kızıl Mescid, Eyüp Sultan Camii'ne yakın bir yerdedir. Yayaların kullandığı cadde ile araçların kullandığı karayolunun kesiştiği bir yerdedir

  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 12:46

    Eyüp Sultan Çevresindeki komşu camiilerden biridir


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