Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath

Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath

Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath

The Turkish have always valued the water structures greatly through their history. Therefore, fountains, cisterns, and bathhouses have met the public need all around the country in the pageant of history. These critical structures were essential in the Ottoman Empire, just as in the previous Turkish States.

Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, was furnished with numerous water structures immediately after the conquest to meet the dense population's needs. Some of these historical structures have survived, and one of them is Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath.

Kılıç Ali Pasha was an important sailor who was the commander of the Ottoman navy, in other words, he was the Chief Admiral. He constructed many public buildings around the city, notably Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath, which was completed in 1583. The Turkish bath is one of Sinan the Architect's works, the Chief Architect of the Ottoman Palace.

Standing out with its big dome, this building has received many prizes, and its interior space is quite sophisticated and one of the specials among the historical bathhouses in Istanbul. In the bathhouse with its luxurious ambience, the details shine out such as the marbles renovated with restoration, spaciousness, powerful lightning, the comfort offered in the resting areas, as well as the intense usage of wood. In addition to the traditional Turkish bath services, the alternative of bath with children is offered. Moreover, massage services are available. Scrub on the navel stone is the most preferred service.

The bathhouse, also offering tea, coffee, homemade lemonade, promises comfort, hygiene and purification experience in the highest standards.

Kılıç Ali Pasha Turkish BathKılıç Ali Pasha Turkish BathKılıç Ali Pasha Turkish BathKılıç Ali Pasha Turkish Bath


  • gulleribrahimm
    28.12.2022 08:00

    İstanbulun en iyi hamalarından biri hizmet gayet iyi


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