Kazliçeşme Fatih Mosque

Kazliçeşme Fatih Mosque

Kazliçeşme Fatih Mosque

Kazlıçeşme Fatih Mosque, maybe one of the oldest mosques around Istanbul, is located in Zeytinburnu District. Even though it is not certainly known when it was built, it is estimated that Mehmet the Conqueror built this mosque for the soldiers during the siege of Istanbul just before the conquest.

Kazlıçeşme Fatih Mosque is considered as an Ottoman heritage from the conquest just beside the walls of Istanbul... Besides, it is clear as day that the building has been preserved perfectly. According to the records, the Ottoman Sultan then Mahmud II repaired some damaged parts of the mosque in 1813 being faithful to the original. 

The mosque was restored twice in 1954 and 2010 in the Republic period, and both restorations were faithful to the original. Although a quite comprehensive restoration was conducted during the last repair, the mosque preserved its form centuries ago. Even though the mosque and the rocks on its foundation have survived until today, and there are some stone blocks next to the mosque, the remainings of the small Turkish bath which could not survive as a whole.

Outstanding with its original architecture, Kazlıçeme Fatih Mosque has a relatively small yard and a single minaret. The mosque draws the attention with its lined up windows on the upstairs, simple interior design with few ornaments and the neat wooden work at some points. It is frequently visited thanks to the touristic destinations, museums and other valuable historical works around.

Kazliçeşme Fatih MosqueKazliçeşme Fatih MosqueKazliçeşme Fatih Mosque


  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 13:05

    1452 yılında Istanbulun fethinden önce inşaa edilmiş tarihi bir camiicami-i

  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 14:05

    Kazlıçeşme Marmaray istasyonunun hemen karşısında bulunan cami, 1452 yılında İstanbul'un kuşatılma sırasında Fatih Sultan Mehmet tarafından yaptırılmış.


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