Kazım Bey Fountain

Kazım Bey Fountain

Kazım Bey Fountain

You can see Kazım Bey Fountain on the wall of Canbaziye Mosque Cemetery in Cerrahpaşa Neighbourhood, Fatih District in Istanbul. This Ottoman work from the 19th century with a short and minaret made of tiles offers an aesthetic hard to explain under the silhouette of this small mosque.

Kazım Bey Fountain was built close to the mosque by Kazım Bey from Keçecizade family in 1859. This work, attracting with its aesthetic appearance, is also impressive for the columns with vertical plant designs on both sides of the basin, as well as the hand plate, arms relief and flower designs. Even though especially the columns fell into ruins, the fountain has been preserved well in general and survived until today.

Kazım Bey Fountain, which is not used today, has an inscription similar to the works of the period stating that "please pray for the one who built this after drinking water". The letters entangled with Arabic alphabet and written in an intricate pattern are indicated as one of the best examples of Turkish calligraphy. 

Located on Kargı Street in Fatih District surrounded by many historical values, Kazım Bey Fountain has been greeting the passing-by for more than 150 years both with its ambience and spirituality.

Kazım Bey FountainKazım Bey FountainKazım Bey FountainKazım Bey Fountain


  • Kerim AZ
    25.08.2021 21:07

    Musluğu olmayan bir tarihi eserimiz daha… Çok yazık. İlçe belediyeleri, büyük şehir belediyesi veya bakanlıklar bu konuyla ilgili özel çalışma yürütmesi gerekiyor.

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 08:37

    Canbaziye Cami'sinin mezarlığının dış duvarında yer alan çeşme 1859 yılında yaptırılmış.


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