Kayalar Masjid

Kayalar Masjid

Kayalar Masjid

Although they are mostly constructed in the historical peninsula and the region around, it is possible to see the Ottoman architectural works almost at every corner in the ancient city of Istanbul. When you go up towards the north of Istanbul Bosporus, on the European Side of the city, a quite cute work meets the visitors on the direction of Bebek - Rumelihisarı. Dating back to 1662, this work, so to say, has challenged the time for centuries.

Built in the mid-1600s, Kayalar Masjid was actually designed as a village masjid centuries ago. Constructed by Nişancı (Head Court Calligrapher) Ahmet Sıtkı Pasha considering the praying needs of the local people, the masjid survives even today.

Kayalar Masjid is a quite modest mosque and draws the attention through its tile roof resembling a mansion and wooden house appearance. The only thing hinting that it is actually a mosque is its small minaret standing beside, and the local people have used the mosque for praying. In addition, Durmuş Dede Dervish's Lodge, one of the most critical dervish's lodges of the period, stood on the right side. Even though this lodge could not survive until today, the excavations indicate its existence through some gravestones.

They say that Durmuş Dede Dervish's Lodge was a structure respected by the ships passing through Istanbul Bosporus. It was indicated as a place where the ships and boats did not pass without saluting; however, as we have just mentioned, it was defeated by the time.

Returning to the mosque, the plain architecture of the mosque stands out. Attracting with its rectangular lined up windows and the historical gate directly opening to the street, the mosque is a sophisticated Ottoman structure enriching the region's silhouette.

Kayalar MasjidKayalar MasjidKayalar MasjidKayalar Masjid


  • furkanakay
    17.11.2022 08:24

    Minicik sahile denize bakan bir mescit.


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