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Kavas Ahmet Aga Fountain

Kavas Ahmet Aga Fountain

Kavas Ahmet Aga Fountain is at Çengelköy İskele Square, which is close to the seaside and is in Üsküdar, one of the most densely populated districts in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul.

Devoting fountains in the Ottoman Empire was an important tradition conducted observing the public interest. Those who did not have critical positions in the state and military, were able to build low-cost works such as fountains rather than massive works of mosque and madrasa. One of these fountains, Kavas Ahmet Aga Fountain, is among the attractive Ottoman public structures in Üsküdar.

Considered in architectural terms, the fountain impresses with its wide eaves and interesting dome-shaped appearance. Constructed in 1854 with cut stones, the Ottoman fountain is placed in an area consisting of resting groups, and it is square planned. Each of the four sides has one ornamental slab and tap. The fountain is without a sink but has a canal system surrounding the fountain for the water drainage.

The letters on the inscription of the Kavas Ahmet Aga Fountain, which is in good-conditions, can be read clearly. The inscription tells about the one who constructed the fountain, his short biography, the details on the fountain, its cost, and its construction date.

Kavas Ahmet Aga FountainKavas Ahmet Aga FountainKavas Ahmet Aga Fountain



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