Karabaş Mustafa Aga Mosque

Karabaş Mustafa Aga Mosque

22.02.2021 00:18

Most of the Ottoman mosques built all over Istanbul have survived to the present day. Moreover, most of them are located in very central locations or transit points. Karabaş Mustafa Ağa Mosque, one of the buildings with this feature, is situated in Tophane, one of the most well-known districts of Beyoğlu district.

Karabaş Mustafa Ağa Mosque is one of the first mosques in its region. Although its construction date is not known definitely, it is evident that it is 16th-century work. The place of worship, which was built by Babüssaade Ağası Karabaş Mustafa Bin Korkut Bey, also known as the Harem Ağası (Eunuche), has undergone many repairs throughout its history. Finally, it was demolished in 1957 and rebuilt in an architectural axis close to its original.

The district park is located right next to the Karabaş Mustafa Ağa Mosque, situated on a slightly hilly place that can be entered into the courtyard by stairs due to the elevation difference. Overlooking Boğazkesen Street on one side and Tophane-i Amire at the head of the street and Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque, one of the most beautiful works of Mimar Sinan, the prayer hall is used very actively by the people living in Tophane today. With its large congregation, the mosque is located on a 295 square meter land and has a relatively modern architecture.

In the square planned mosque, which is focused on stone and brick, the roof is made of wood. On.ly the altar part of the Karabaş Mustafa Ağa Mosque, where simplicity stands out in its small interior, has ornaments. The building, which has a single minaret, also has a rectangular-shaped fountain in its small courtyard

Karabaş Mustafa Aga MosqueKarabaş Mustafa Aga MosqueKarabaş Mustafa Aga Mosque


  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 13:57

    Osmanlinin en eski semtlerinden olan tophanede mutevazi ufak bir tipik osmanli camisi

  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 08:27

    Harika konumda , orta büyüklükte ferah ve klasik osmanlı mimarisiyle inşaa edilmiş harika bir camii


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