Kapıağası (Haramidere) Bridge

Kapıağası (Haramidere) Bridge

Kapıağası (Haramidere) Bridge

Some of the Ottoman Empire buildings all over Istanbul have remained far from the living spaces over time. This situation has two aspects. The first is that they are less damaged since not used because they stay outside from the living space, and the second is that they have been left to their fate in a dysfunctional way for years.

One of the buildings outside the living area is the Kapıağa (Haramidere) Bridge, which can be seen in the Haramidere location of the E5 Highway between Istanbul and Edirne. The bridge located between Büyükçekmece and Küçükçekmece lakes is originally a work of the Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. It is also among the information that it has been restored at certain times.

While water passes under the bridge in the past, it is only a visual object today. On the other hand, based on the details it carries, it is a work that cannot be ignored by its enthusiasts without going near it. The bridge's construction date and the information of the person who built is not available due to its inscription did not reach today. However, it is certain that it was built in the 16th century because it is Mimar Sinan's work.

Kapıağa (Haramidere) Bridge has relatively small dimensions. Approximately 6.5 meters wide and 75 meters long, the bridge attracts attention with its three large eyes, piers, and stonework.

Kapıağası (Haramidere) BridgeKapıağası (Haramidere) BridgeKapıağası (Haramidere) BridgeKapıağası (Haramidere) Bridge


  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 09:35

    Kapı Ağası Köprüsü olarak da adlandırılan bu köprü eski İstanbul-Rumeli kervan yolu üzerinde, Küçük ve Büyükçekmece gölleri arasında bulunmaktadır.

  • ezgicam
    07.07.2022 07:28

    Yüzyıllara meydan okumuş Kanuni Sultan Süleyman dönemine dayanan bu köprü Yakup ağa tarafından yaptırılmış.

  • WGuNnAO5
    30.07.2022 08:28

    Navigasyon nasıl çalışıyor acaba.. Haritaya dokunuyorum açılmıyor


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