Kamer Hatun Mosque

Kamer Hatun Mosque

Kamer Hatun Mosque

A considerable part of the places of worship all over Istanbul is located in Beyoğlu and its surroundings, one of the city's historic districts. Kamer Hatun Mosque, one of these buildings, is on Refik Saydam Street in Tarlabaşı district.

The mosque, which was built by the Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1514 in the name of Kamer Hatun, his milk mother, became devastated 300 years later in the 19th century, so to speak, due to neglect. After waiting for a long time in an idle state, it was rebuilt by Architect Ahmed Kemaleddin Bey in the 20th century, and it was revived in a way.

It is a small mosque of 223 square meters built on a 565 square meter land. The walls of Kamer Hatun Mosque, where 150 people can pray at the same time, are made of durable material called masonry. The building's structural system is made of wood, and the roof is covered with lead sheet. 

There is a very short minaret on the altar's left side and one hollow area where the imam prayed in front of the congregation. In the interior, which is entered by passing through the door after the last congregation place, colorful tiles and wooden artistry in parts such as the sermon rostrum and pulpit draw attention.

Kamer Hatun MosqueKamer Hatun MosqueKamer Hatun MosqueKamer Hatun Mosque


  • gulleribrahimm
    28.12.2022 08:20

    Beyoğlundan aşağı doğru yürürken keşfedebileceğiniz güzel bir camii.

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.02.2023 07:24

    Tarlabaşı bulvar düzenlemesinde ortaya çıkan eskiden önünden troleybüs geçen camidir.


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