Kadirihane Lodge (Haci Piri Mosque)

Kadirihane Lodge (Haci Piri Mosque)

Kadirihane Lodge (Haci Piri Mosque)

Kadirihane Lodge (Islamic monastery), a 17th-century Ottoman monument known as Hacı Piri Mosque, is located in the Tophane neighborhood in Beyoglu district on the European side of Istanbul. Unfortunately, the building, which was destroyed in a big fire in 1997, was rebuilt in 2019 and opened to worship.

Before 1997, the building was destroyed by fire in 1764, 1822 and 1894. It goes through repairs for this reason many times. It was built from the beginning by the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II. According to the information in the sources, various sections were added to the lodge, which was given great importance by the Ottoman sultans over time. For example, the dining hall was built by Sultan Abdulhamid II in 1895.

The building, which was closed in 1925, was recently revived and thus serves as a mosque today. The lodge-mosque, which is quite plain with its rectangular structure and few verses and motifs on the walls, is relatively small. Among its prominent features are its chandeliers, wooden windows and doors, floral motifs on both sides of the mihrab (a niche in the wall of a mosque) and the sermon platform, which can be climbed with a few steps. In addition, there is a bright interior with two rows of windows.

The Ismail Agha Fountain, with its elegant appearance pointing to the Tulip Age architectural style, in the right of the courtyard entrance door of the Kadirihane Lodge is also worth seeing.  

Kadirihane Lodge (Haci Piri Mosque)Kadirihane Lodge (Haci Piri Mosque)Kadirihane Lodge (Haci Piri Mosque)Kadirihane Lodge (Haci Piri Mosque)


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    Manevi atmosferinden etkilenmemek mümkün değil.


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