British Cemetery

British Cemetery

British Cemetery

The famous British Cemetery in Istanbul is very close to Haydarpaşa Train Station. The cemetery, located on the Anatolian side, was originally built for the British soldiers who lost their lives in the Crimean War. It may also be referred to as Haydarpaşa Cemetery in some sources. The property rights of this place belong to the British Consulate General. Karaca Ahmet Cemetery is located at the back of the British Cemetery. It is known that this place is also a Turkish cemetery. In addition, the tomb of R. Guyon, one of the freedom heroes of the Hungarians, is close to the Crimean War monument. He served in the Ottoman army for many years. The Hungarian government had his tomb built in 1956. The monument was successfully restored in 1998. A bust of Guyon is also in the Istanbul War History Museum.

Haydarpaşa British Cemetery is located between Kadıköy and Üsküdar regions. This special place, which is a historical cemetery for British soldiers, was next to the military hospital in the first years. The military hospital was at the service of the British at that time. Apart from the soldiers who lost their lives in Crimea, a place is also reserved for the soldiers and civilians who died in both world wars for different reasons. Soldiers injured in the Crimean War are brought to the military hospital here and those who died are directly buried here. The military hospital is created by Florence Nightingale.

A very small part of the graves of the dead British soldiers actually manages to survive until today. The land on which the British Cemetery is located is the personal land of Kanuni. With a decision taken, the land donated to the British government in 1855. The cemetery is established on two separate plots that are independent of each other. The other plot is located very close to the sea shore. Victoria, the Queen of the United Kingdom, ensures that a monument is erected here in 1857. The 28-meter tall monument can be easily seen from many points in the Haydarpaşa district. A total of around 700 civilians are allocated inside the cemetery.

British CemeteryBritish CemeteryBritish CemeteryBritish Cemetery


  • acelyaabasar
    27.09.2022 14:27

    Eski askeri hastane şimdiki Abdülhamit eğitim ve araştırma hastanesi arkasında hiç bilinmedik bir mekan ingiliz mezarlığı. Bakımlı bir yer. 1854 kırım savaşında hayatını kaybeden ingiliz askerlerinin defnedildiği ingilizler tarafından satın alınmış bir mezarlık alanı.

  • ssedatylmz
    12.01.2023 12:44

    Kırım savaşı sırasında hayatını kaybeden İngiliz askerler için tasis edilmiş mezarlıktır


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