Hunkar Pavilion

Hunkar Pavilion

31.05.2021 16:07

Hünkar Pavilion, which is one of the places to visit with pleasure in the city of Istanbul, is located in the Eminönü Historical Peninsula. The place, which has been registered as an urban and historical site since 1995, offers important traces of Classical Ottoman architecture. Hünkar Pavilion, which is an important part of the building complex in the New Mosque Complex, manages to get full marks from the visitors. When you visit the Hünkar Pavilion, you come across tiles, mother-of-pearl, panels, colored windows and bronze plasters from the 17th century. At the same time, it is possible to find the rarest examples of woodworking right at the entrance of the Hünkar Pavilion. Most of the tile samples here were made in Iznik and were brought here specifically for decoration. It is known that there are currently around 10 thousand examples of tile decoration in the pavilion.

Some of the tile samples in the Hünkar Pavilion are unique in design and cannot be found anywhere else. There is a secret passage between the pavilion and the mosque. Art historians and authorities interpret this place as one of the most successful and magnificent works of its time. Hünkar Pavilion is not a suitable place to visit every day. It can be visited on the Thursday of the second week of every month. You can use trams and buses to reach Hünkar Pavilion. It is located right across the Eminönü bus stops, right next to the Yeni Mosque.

Welcoming its visitors with all its splendor and splendor, Hünkar Pavilion, III. It is made with the initiatives of Safiye Sultan, the wife of Murat. It is fascinating with its dream structure as well as the tile decorations in its interior architecture. Being close to the sea also creates a great advantage in terms of transportation for domestic and foreign visitors. This is clearly reflected in the visit rates. In 2004, a comprehensive restoration work was carried out on the Hünkar Pavilion.

Hunkar PavilionHunkar PavilionHunkar PavilionHunkar Pavilion


  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 14:08

    17. yy’da III. Murad’ın Eşi Safiye Sultan’ın isteğiyle Padişahın ve ailesinin namaz öncesi ve namaz sonrasında istirahate çekilip, ihtiyaçlarını giderecekleri küçük bir köşk olarak yapılmış.

  • ftherdincc
    04.01.2023 08:30

    İçerisini hep merak ettiğim yerlerden biriydi bir sergi sayesinde gezme imkanımız oldu ve bayıldık Eminönü’ne gelirseniz mutlaka gezmelisiniz çiniler Fildişi kaplama kapılar herşey o kadar güzel ki

  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 13:14

    Harika bir eser. Restorasyonu cok iyi yapılmış. Doku aynen korunmuş.

  • grknsoyluu
    28.12.2022 07:21

    Muazzam derecede tarih kokuyor. Kapılardaki işlemeler beni benden aldı. Gerçekten gidip görülmesi gereken bir yer. Ücretsiz giriş bilginiz olsun.


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