Khoja Ali Mosque

Khoja Ali Mosque

Khoja Ali Mosque

Many mosques in the Ottoman Empire were built directly by the sultans. Despite this, one can mention mosques and fountains where some benefactors lead the way. It is possible to come across these mosques in almost every century. Many mosques that mention the architectural features of the period manage to survive until today. Adding a very special dimension to the characteristic structure of the city with their texture and aesthetic structures, historical mosques gain density in places such as Beşiktaş, Galata, Fatih, Sultanahmet and Bosphorus. Hoca Ali Mosque, which is among the most precious mosques in Istanbul, is still open for worship today. Due to its historical features and architectural structure, the mosque always attracts the attention of both local and foreign visitors.

Although Hodja Ali had a reputation as a successful captain during his lifetime, today information about him is very limited. This special mosque, which he built for himself, is located within the borders of Beyoğlu. The historical building, which is located on Lüleci Hendek Street in the Tophane district, was built in 1125. However, this information cannot be conclusively confirmed since it does not have an epigraph. The building, which was brought to the city as a result of the great efforts of Captain Ali Hodja, covers a total area of ​​195 square meters. Another reason why Hoca Ali Mosque attracts so much attention is that it has a wooden structure. This makes a difference in the appearance of the mosque.

The roof of the Hoca Ali Mosque is entirely made of wood. On the other hand, the wall parts are masonry. It has a minaret with a single balcony made of bricks. What used to be a mosque was converted into a mosque in the 16th century. There is also a fountain right next to the historical mosque. The cistern of this fountain is still evaluated by the fire department today. A separate lodging is built for the imam who works in the mosque.

Khoja Ali MosqueKhoja Ali MosqueKhoja Ali Mosque


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