Hazinedar Usta Fountain

Hazinedar Usta Fountain

Hazinedar Usta Fountain

The Ustadar Usta Fountain is located in Davutpaşa Pier. The historical fountain, located on Samatya Street, is also close to the stone school. In the period when the fountain was built, classical architecture was abandoned in the Ottoman Empire. A product of this transitional period, the Ustadar Usta Fountain stands out with its mirror stones, especially apart from its ornate arches. There are two more fountains next to the mirror stone. The fountain boat deteriorates over time. The boat of the small fountains reminds of the bath basins. Unfortunately, the water of the Treasurer Usta Fountain is cut off. On the other hand, although his epitaph has managed to reach today, it is not in a readable condition. Despite this, it is understood that the inscription has five lines in total. This inscription was written by Sümbülzade Vehbi Efendi at that time.

The Treasurer Usta Fountain is a three-sided wall fountain and has a rectangular plan. The historical fountain, which offers traces of the Baroque style, is built of marble. The mirror of the fountain is limited by arches. Baroque ornaments are placed at the intersection of the arches. Figures reminiscent of oyster shells are preferred in these decorations. There is a pediment at the top of the fountain. Likewise, the round arch is also here. The facades of the historical building are made of bricks. No spolia material is used. The robustness level is set as medium.

The Ustadar Usta Fountain, which is a qualified structure, was built in 1792. It is exactly adjacent to the wall of Naz Perver Kalfa Elementary School. Naz Perver Arife Hanım had the fountain built at the same time as the school. At that time, it was accepted as a tradition to have a fountain built in a section or on the walls of primary schools. As a part of this architectural tradition, the Ustadar Usta Fountain takes its place on the walls of the school. Along with the fountain, the primary school building also manages to reach today.

Hazinedar Usta FountainHazinedar Usta FountainHazinedar Usta Fountain



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