Hayyam Passage

Hayyam Passage

Hayyam Passage

The historical passages in many parts of Istanbul manage to add a very important color and vitality to the texture of the city. One of them, Hayyam Passage, is among the places of interest just like Atlas or Aleppo Passage. The most important point that distinguishes Hayyam Passage from other passages is that it serves only for a certain area. Therefore, instead of mixed shops, you come across spaces created under a single theme. Hayyam Passage attracts all photography enthusiasts of Istanbul. In the passage, where mainly cameras and cameras are sold and thousands of varieties are offered, there are also places that make repairs at affordable prices. There are more affordable devices here compared to the mainstream market.

Hayyam Passage is also frequented by visitors coming to Istanbul. There are even those who come here outside the city to find a camera or camcorder at an affordable price. The passage, which is located close to Sirkeci Station, takes advantage of being in a central area. It is possible to encounter almost every brand of device in this special place, where reporters and travelers also show great interest. Even nostalgic devices that were removed from the market years ago are easily found in the shops here. The increase in camera prices in recent years has made this passage even more valuable. For those who are considering a second-hand camera, the most ideal place to go in Istanbul is Hayyam Passage. From lenses to chargers, from lights to tripods, you can access all kinds of materials at affordable prices.

In Hayyam Passage, you can see that each shop offers different prices for the same products. For this reason, it will be in your favor to visit all the shops and search for prices patiently. Khayyam Passage has seven floors in total. Shops and repair shops where sales are made are located on different floors.

Hayyam PassageHayyam PassageHayyam PassageHayyam Passage


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    Kesinlikle kamera ve fotoğraf hakkında bulabileceğiniz ne varsa burada. Aklınızda ne varsa buraya bakmalısınız. 5-7 katlı bir yer tam olarak hatırlamıyorum ancak her katta birbirinden çeşitli dükkanlar mevcut


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