Tomb of Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah

Tomb of Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah

Tomb of Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah

The Tomb of Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah, the greatest master of Turkish calligraphy, is located on the Tunisianbağı Street, which leads to the Karacaahmet Sultan Tomb, on the Asian side of Istanbul. The place where the burial ground is located is known as Calligraphers Cemetery or Sheikh Sofasi.

Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah Efendi, a new order to Yakut Mustasimi's calligraphy; He gave a new beauty to the Arabic letters. So much so that it was recognized as the greatest of Turkish calligraphy for 5 centuries and was counted as the “Kibla of Calligraphers” without hesitation. Almost all calligraphers during and after he lived spent their lives trying to make their writings look like him, and those who likened his writing, albeit a little, were considered successful both in the eyes of the environment and themselves.

The acceptance of the art of calligraphy as an art unique to the Turks, apart from the Arab world, was also provided by Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah Efendi. Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah Efendi, who was born in Amasya in 1436 and was the son of Mustafa Dede Bukhara, migrated from Bukhara to Amasya and settled here. He was known as Ibn-i Sheikh or Ibn-i Mustafa Dede because he was the son of a sheikh, and he learned the script from Abdullah Sayrafi, a student of Yakut Mustasimi; Then he took lessons from Hayrettin Maraşi.

When Sheikh Hamdullah came to Istanbul, he settled in a house around Kadıasker Bath for the first time. From here, he is taken to the palace a short time later. Sheikh Hamdullah Efendi, who is also a master arrow shooter, also has one of the first known range stones, dated 1505, in Okmeydanı.

Tomb of Calligrapher Sheikh HamdullahTomb of Calligrapher Sheikh HamdullahTomb of Calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah



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