Hatice Hanım Fountain

Hatice Hanım Fountain

Hatice Hanım Fountain

Istanbul ranks first among the cities with the most fountains in the world. Moreover, a very important majority of these fountains are historical structures that have resisted time. An important part of the fountains and fountains were built by the sultans during the Ottoman period; but some fountains are built directly by benevolent people. You can encounter historical fountains reflecting Ottoman architecture in many districts from Fatih to Eminönü. The fact that some of these fountains are neglected and their water does not flow is also a significant loss in terms of tourism. Hatice Hanım Fountain, one of the historical fountains of Istanbul, is one of the fountains built directly by a benefactor rather than a sultan.

There is no detailed information about Hatice Hanım, who gave her name to the fountain, which is frequently visited by photography enthusiasts. Hatice Hanım Fountain is located in Yeni Mahalle in Istanbul Çengelköy. In terms of location, it is located in the middle of the square on Çeşme Street. You can come across this stylish and historical fountain under the famous plane tree of the square. The fact that the fountain is located under the plane tree adds a very special aesthetic and visuality to this place. The historical building consists of three separate blocks. All three blocks are rectangular in shape. Interesting curtain decorations and mirror stone on the columns immediately catch the eye. The inscription is placed between the two short columns. At the same time, there is a medallion with treasure branches in the upper block. There is a crescent and star figure on this coin. It is estimated that the signature of that period was erased from this coin in time. Because today the middle of the coin is empty.

The boat of Hatice Hanım Fountain is thought to be buried under the ground. At the same time, the water of the structure whose nozzle is broken is cut off. Its inscription consists of three couplets in total. According to the information given in the inscription, Hatice Hanım had this fountain built in 1825.

Hatice Hanım FountainHatice Hanım FountainHatice Hanım FountainHatice Hanım Fountain


  • buseats2
    09.11.2022 07:16

    Bu çeşme yapısı, iki yüzlü “Hatice Hanım ve Mustafa Tahir Efendi Çeşmeleri”dir.


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