Haseki Sultan Mosque

Haseki Sultan Mosque

Haseki Sultan Mosque

It is possible to encounter many historical places in Fatih district, from synagogues to churches, from mosques to madrasas. Haseki Hürrem Sultan Mosque is within the borders of Fatih, which stands out as one of the historical districts of Istanbul. Located between Haseki and Cerrahpaşa, the mosque was built by Hürrem Sultan, the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent. Hürrem Sultan is generally known as a very benevolent person and had similar structures built in various parts of Anatolia outside of Istanbul. The construction of the mosque was completed in 1539. The historical mosque, which is close to Avratpazarı, has the signature of Mimar Sinan. The mosque is essentially a part of a complex, that is, a building group. Haseki Complex includes structures such as hospital, madrasah, mosque and soup kitchen.

Haseki Hürrem Sultan Mosque is initially planned with a single dome. During the reign of Ahmet I, the entrance walls were removed. As a result, it was enlarged by adding two more columns and a dome. Hasan Bey played an important role in the addition of this dome in 1617. In this process, the three-arched portico and the narthex are also included. Haseki Hürrem Sultan Mosque belongs to the class of mosques with a single minaret. This unique mosque, in which a new mihrab was added between the two domes, was seriously damaged during an earthquake. Despite this, the repair process is carried out successfully.

Haseki Hürrem Sultan Mosque, which is one of the historical places to be seen in Fatih, manages to survive to this day. Visitors to the place of worship also have the chance to witness other places within the complex. In the endowment section, it is written that Muslim children in the primary school should take lessons here. As a result of this will, lessons are always given to children in the mosque.

Haseki Sultan MosqueHaseki Sultan MosqueHaseki Sultan Mosque


  • omrkazncc
    11.01.2023 13:27

    1539 yılında Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hanın eşi Hürrem Sultan tarafından Mimar Sinana yaptırılan eser…


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