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Hasbahçe Recreation Area

Hasbahçe Recreation Area

The people of Istanbul were able to find breathing spaces against concretization thanks to the national gardens and recreation areas opened one after another. Despite this, it is getting harder day by day to preserve the natural beauties in Istanbul, which is the biggest metropolis of Turkey. Hasbahçe Recreation Area attracts great attention from local people, especially on weekends. Hasbahçe Promenade Area, located in the central part of Kağıthane district, is an area where you can spend time efficiently. Thanks to its location close to the city center of Istanbul, it is always possible to encounter crowds here. Especially in the summer months, events and concert organizations are frequently organized in this area.

You do not need to pay any fee to live this peaceful atmosphere in its place. When you arrive at the Hasbahçe Recreation Area, a pond-style pool will welcome you. Colorful flowers stand out around the pool. In the middle part, a symbolic island is created. The island was added mostly for the use of ducks in the pond. There is a wide long walk formed by cobblestones in the area. Electric stoves are integrated on the right and left of the walkway. This special service is also offered completely free of charge. Cute gazebos are included around the pond so that families can sit comfortably. Visitors, of course, sometimes prefer to lie on the grass rather than sit in the gazebo.

A playground is built so that children who attend the Hoşbahçe Recreation Area with their families can have a more enjoyable time. Apart from this park, an amusement park is also placed. On the other hand, people who want to do sports in the recreation area are also unforgettable. A special jogging path is created for those who come here to walk or run. Sports equipment is left on the sides of this stylish running path made of tile dust. Those who wish can use these tools comfortably during the run.

Hasbahçe Recreation AreaHasbahçe Recreation AreaHasbahçe Recreation AreaHasbahçe Recreation Area


  • gunessygz
    23.12.2022 08:05

    Severek gittigimiz bir park. Yuruyus icin harika. Barbeku alani olmasi kalabalik aileler icin guzel bir arti.

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 09:27

    Şehrin ortasında nefes alınacak bir yer. Tam orta da bulunan kır kahvesinden alışveriş yapmak mümkün.

  • buseats2
    09.11.2022 06:40

    Ailece veya arkadaşlarla birlikte günboyu keyifle zaman gecirilebilecek bir mesire alanı.


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