Emirgan (Hamid-i Evvel) Mosque

Emirgan (Hamid-i Evvel) Mosque

Emirgan (Hamid-i Evvel) Mosque

Emirgan Hamid-i Evvel Mosque, located on the coastal part of the Bosphorus, was commissioned in 1781 by Abdülhamit I. He commissioned this place in memory of Prince Mehmed and his mother Hümaşah Hatun. Today it is often referred to as Emirgan Mosque. When we examine the architectural characteristics, it is possible to say at first that the building consists of face stones and a square plan. The mosque, the roof of which is wooden, has wide windows. In this way, it gets light inside comfortably. The minaret of the historical place of worship, which has a cylindrical body, has a single minaret balcony. This minaret is located just to the right of the facade at the entrance. Plant decorations add a distinctive aesthetic to the minaret.

In the area where Emirgan Hamid-i Evvel Mosque is located, there is a seaside mansion built by Emir Güneoğlu Yusuf Pasha in previous periods. Before that mansion, there is a land called "Feridun Pasha Garden" in the same place. Although the mansion has been used for about 150 years in total, it becomes ruined and demolished. The mosque was built right after this destruction. The inscription of the mosque, which was built in the time of Abdulhamit I, is still in place. In 1810-1811, the historical mosque was widely repaired by Mahmut II.

There is Hünkâr Pavilion right next to Emirgan Hamid-i Evvel Mosque, which is generally located in a large courtyard. It is known that this pavilion was built for the sultan. Right across this pavilion, you can encounter the Emirgan Fountain. The historical fountain has managed to survive since 1783. Due to Emir Güneoğlu Yusuf Pasha, this region was called as Emirgün and later as Emirgan. Abdulhamit I, the builder of the mosque, is among the important sultans of the Ottoman Empire. He is also the son of Ahmet III. He made important reforms both in the political and military fields.

Emirgan (Hamid-i Evvel) MosqueEmirgan (Hamid-i Evvel) MosqueEmirgan (Hamid-i Evvel) MosqueEmirgan (Hamid-i Evvel) Mosque


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